1. trcunning:


    ok but give me one good reason why you wouldn’t date Kermit the frog besides that he is a puppet and a frog

    I can’t beat Miss Piggy in a fight. She’s very strong and knows karate.

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  2. nefferpitou:

    on monday a guy walked into the psychology class i’m in and sat next to me. about 30 minutes into class, he leans over and whispers, ‘this isn’t algebra.’ and calmly stands up and walks out of the room. luv college

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  3. amortizing:

    third wheeling two girls who are best friends is so much worse than third wheeling a couple

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  4. blunk182:

    DATING TIP: Hold the door for your date. Rip the door off its hinges. Use the door as a weapon to fight off other men. Establish dominance.

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  5. ocheano:

    parents : you can’t have any problems you are just a teenager

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  6. thepocketwatchparadox:



    a mystery wrapped in an enigma drizzled with conundrum

    see that bit of grey, faded text? mystery solved.


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  7. killerville:

    i don’t care about what trends men hate. tell me what trends women love. how do i wear my eyeliner so a girl will want to kiss me. what color lipstick makes her think about moving to a cute house on the beach with me and getting 5 dogs. do ladies like peplum dresses and platform heels or not. come on.

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  8. barebackinq:

    a strip club but instead of naked women its cute dogs that you give dog treats to for them to do tricks

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  9. faketima:

    bf: if you dont want to swallow thats fine if u dont want to



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  10. ihaveabigcockpit:

    i’ve gone too deep

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  11. professor-pigeon:

    I googled ‘swimming pigeon’ once and I still haven’t recovered from this picture



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  12. crowtrolls:


    wait till the end

    #OMF#for people who don#t understand#Today is Thursday and the weather is amazing#But you don’t have a boyfriend#SHUT UP YOU BASTARD#:Y

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  14. socialjusticekoolaid:

    Hours before the curfew, and pigs are already firing on the crowd. It’s gonna be a long night y’all #disgusting #stawoke  

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  15. spookydeantops:


    WITHOUT ME?????

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